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Famous for creating paper mannequins, Isabelle de Borchgrave is a world-renowned Belgian artist and sculptor. She and her team bring costumes to life by using a variety of techniques – painting, pleating, crinkling, block printing, sculpting and molding – all pushing the boundaries of her chosen medium, paper.

Inspired by her love of textiles, history and fashion, Isabelle and Fabricut transform her dramatic, breathtaking paper costumes and original art into an eclectic offering of prints, wovens, embroideries and trimmings arranged into three color stories and a trim book. The collection primarily focuses on the global nature of Isabelle’s work from her Kaftan and Kimono series with a sprinkling of patterns inspired by her Fortuny collection.

Interpreting patterns and textiles from Italy, Japan, Uzbekistan and Egypt, Isabelle’s debut collection displays her sense of color and design in an exuberant and inspiring way. Her expressive world view, bold sense of color and intuitive painterly hand is seen in each fabric and trimming.

Following a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1994, Isabelle began to dream of recreating period dresses as paper mannequins. She completed four major collections that featured different worlds and periods of time. With an imagination stimulated by her knowledge and interpretation of art, Isabelle has a fresh perspective of a world that flies around her like a dream.