S. Harris collaborates with five-star interior designer Roger Thomas for a sophisticated, engaging and memorable fabric collection. The Roger Thomas Collection is rich with festive color, captivating texture, creative styling and elegant simplicity. Roger's design touch inspires both the hospitality and residential markets.

The Roger Thomas Collection illustrates Roger's love of textured weaves and the versatility of sheers. Its buttery, soft textures provide a durable cover and luxurious, wide-width sheers create a seamless drape for both residential and hospitality applications. Bright, clear colors are paired with neutral grounds to create a broad appeal for traditional, modern and boutique interiors.

Inspired by his worldly travels and library of sketch books drawings, the collection is a true reflection of what Roger calls "memory inspirations" – he's been somewhere and saw something that inspired a thought, and in turn, a design.

"I wanted to create a collection that I could use in my own design work; but at the same time, would inspire my peers to use," adds Roger. "The warmth and softness that textiles bring to interiors are key to the success of the space. I am always looking for innovative ways to use fabrics and celebrate their qualities; through this collection we were able to do just that."