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Athens Key Trimmings (35) Beyond Indulgence Trimmings (302) Borders Braids & Tapes Trimmings (60) Cadence Trimmings (71) Charlotte Moss Trimmings Gallery (45) Charlotte Moss Trimmings Vol. II (71) Collective Threads Trimmings (55) Color Source Trimmings (216) Color Source Trimmings Ring Set (215) Cord Library Trimmings (127) Embroidered And Woven Tapes Trimmings (74) Fabricut / Trend Tape Gallery Vol. II (75) New French General Trimmings (59) French General Vol. II Trimmings (29) Iris Apfel Maximal Couture Trimmings (22) Kendall Wilkinson Trimmings (76) New Luxe Details Tapes Trimmings (60) Mineral Obsession Trimmings (96) Mount Vernon Trimmings Vol. II (37) Natural Home Trimmings (51) Terrazza Indoor / Outdoor Trimmings (34) The Beaufort Collection (8)
Crescendo Trimmings (98) New Defining Moments Trimmings Ring Set (70) Envision Collection Trimmings Ring Set (76) Jaclyn Smith Home Trimmings Vol III (50) Jaclyn Smith Home Trimmings Vol IV (63) Jaclyn Smith Home Vol III Trim Gallery (48) Vern Yip Trimmings (50) Vern Yip Trimmings Vol. II (62) Vern Yip Trimmings Vol. III Ring Set (32)
S. Harris
Culture Urban Nomad (12) Elegant Universe (13) Elements (20) Geotrybal (12) Halo (14) Naturalist (11) Orejen (24)
Bespoke Collection Trimmings (52) Color Trim Ring Set (37) Dana Gibson Trim (66) Jambalita Trimmings (19) Leading Edge Trimmings (24) Leading Edge Trimmings Collection Leading Edge Synchronicity Trim (35) Leading Edge Trimmings Collection Leading Edge Virtuoso (21) Leading Edge Vol. II Leading Edge Vol. II Metallurgy (9) Leading Edge Vol. II Leading Edge Vol. II Tactility (25) Leading Edge Vol. III Leading Edge Vol. III Reflections (15)
Barry Dixon Collection 2014 Trimmings Vol II (3) Barry Dixon Collection Barry Dixon Trim Binder (27) Barry Dixon Trimmings Volume II (45) New Caroline Price For Montespan (13) Poetry Trim Collection (46)