Vern’s dynamic personality and sophisticated style have led him to become a nationally acclaimed interior designer, columnist and television superstar. His whirlwind career began with his Atlanta design firm, Vern Yip Designs, where he continues to work with clients from across the globe.

Vern Yip – Interior/Product Designer, Television Host, UNICEF Ambassador, NYT Best Selling Author

Vern Yip, award-winning architectural and interior designer, has teamed up with Trend to offer a selection of fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings that can be used to decorate any interior. With a focus on versatility and value, each of Vern’s designs embrace color, texture and pattern differently, creating an experience and transforming ordinary spaces into livable luxuries.

Influenced by his world travels, architectural background, family and strong affinity for color, Vern crafts each collection with the client in mind. His three principles – relax, reenergize and restore – drive his design decisions, believing an interior should be a haven that gives energy instead of draining it. To achieve those principles, Vern has many products in his collections that are stain-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

With two children and over 500 pounds of dogs in his home, livability is an important factor for Vern when designing both interiors and his collections for Trend. His InsideOut collection of indoor and outdoor performance fabrics was developed to maximize livability, offering superior durability and versatility. Combined with his other easy-to-clean fabrics and washable wallcoverings, it’s easy to live with these textiles rather than living life around them.

Each collection is designed to be compatible with one another, building added layers of depth and style to choose from. For added functionality, Vern’s selection of solids offers a wealth of options and textures to choose from to supplement the patterns in his collections. Create inspired, livable interiors with all of the fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings from Vern Yip’s collections for Trend.