The heartbeat of our brand lives in the works of designers, artists and creatives that leave us endlessly inspired. We will continue to push our own boundaries as we collaborate with trailblazers in design.

LA Toile

In Partnership with   Ryan Saghian  


In Partnership with   Benjamin Johnston  

Elements by Diane Keaton

In Partnership with   Diane Keaton  

Design En Rogue

Design En Rogue connects multi-disciplinary creatives in the zeitgeist to the world of interior design through textiles, fostering a boundless creative culture. This approach led us to photographer Joanna McClure, who brought us artistic, storied fabrics with fresh perspectives. In keeping with this theme, our newest iteration, Design En Rogue - Architecture, brings together textiles that are just as intentional and material-first.

Ted Baker

In Partnership with   Ted Baker  


In Partnership with   Black Artists+Designers Guild   Shop the Collection
Fabrics Trimmings Wallcoverings

Harlem Toile

In Partnership with   Sheila Bridges   Shop the Collection
Fabrics Wallcoverings

Pulp Design Studios

In Partnership with   Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry   Shop the Collection
Fabrics Wallcoverings

Fragments Identity

In Partnership with   Tammy Price  


In Partnership with   Rachel Brown