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Fabric is a grounding agent in the world of design. It incites conversation, strives for balance, and marries color, texture, and material. It is a reflection of collective experience into something tangible.


Our Chroma collection is inspired by color and the cosmos, bringing an exciting, next-level performance fabric offering. Durable yet livable, this collection invites your client to experience indoor/outdoor lifestyle, in style. In Chroma, modern design meets performance in a new way, creating a space to discover freedom and creative expression.

East West

Through intricate storytelling, East West unearths the richness that lies at the heart of life’s ordinary moments—the ones that connect us to our roots, ground us in the present, and guide us for the future.The fabrics, trimmings, and wallcoverings in East West are a small reminder to celebrate beauty, along with the movements and migrations that unite us.


Identity is a celebration of how every fabric, trim, and wallcovering bearing the S. Harris name remains rooted in its founder’s talent for transforming tradition into something extraordinary. This collection is an invitation to seek out our roots and then build our lives out of that awareness. Each design is part of our first draft of our next chapter as a brand, forged while holding the threads from the past.


In Partnership with   Benjamin Johnston  

Elements by Diane Keaton

In Partnership with   Diane Keaton  

Design En Rogue

Design En Rogue connects multi-disciplinary creatives in the zeitgeist to the world of interior design through textiles, fostering a boundless creative culture. This approach led us to photographer Joanna McClure, who brought us artistic, storied fabrics with fresh perspectives. In keeping with this theme, our newest iteration, Design En Rogue - Architecture, brings together textiles that are just as intentional and material-first.


A well-rounded assortment of the industry’s most unique and high performance plains. Elements velvets, linens, mohairs, suedes, boucles, and wools are woven with high quality materials intended to lend style and durability to residential and hospitality interiors. Each product has a sophisticated color palette created to complement our statement collections.

Ted Baker

In Partnership with   Ted Baker  

Elegant Universe

Elegant Universe tells the story of beauty and romanticism in the natural world through the intersection of science, femininity, and technology. This collection pays homage to the trailblazing women who pushed boundaries and broke glass ceilings.

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Linen Wallcovering

Tactile and textured. Warm and inviting. Stylish and sophisticated — our new collection of linen wallcoverings brings a layer of fashion detailing and quality craftsmanship to any space they inhabit. Browse through our latest linens designed to imbue an edgy yet elegant sensibility to your next commercial or residential project.

Q2 Performance

The renowned Q2 collection is synonymous with creative design, technical expertise, outstanding quality assurance, and sophisticated bleach cleanable fibers. Q2 is committed to careful handling of the earth‘s resources, aiming to conserve a healthy ecosystem. This does not only require consideration of minimal energy consumption, but also to maintain the highest possible standards for air, environment, and climate during production.


When crafting this collection, it was important for our brand to offer the age-old material in high-fashion and cutting edge finishes in a range of sophisticated colorways. These top-grade hides are produced in South America and embossed and completed in the US.


In Partnership with   Black Artists+Designers Guild   Shop the Collection
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Pulp Design Studios

In Partnership with   Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry   Shop the Collection
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Fragments Identity

In Partnership with   Tammy Price  

Spring 2020

We began the journey of our Spring 2020 Collection by searching for ways to live with clear intentions, to bridge our personal environments with the world at large, and to express the four guiding design pillars of our brand—Culture, History, Environment, Perspective—through a series of universal textiles meant for upholstery of all applications.


Inspired by Art Nouveau’s most iconic pieces and influential artists, the Revival collection highlights a modern restoration of what’s been made new so many times before. Like Art Nouveau did in the 19th century, this collection nods to technology, folklore, architecture, flora, fauna and fairytale.


Windows, by their very nature, provide transparency to the world around us—a clarity and a perspective unique to each one. When visualizing the Halo Collection, designed strategically and specifically to adorn windows, the notion of living with clear intentions was kept top of mind.

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Vibrant botanicals, luxurious florals, and an ode to Mother Earth herself, our Naturalist Collection intersects maximalism and nature bringing the spirit of the natural world inside.

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Habitat is a collection of modern wallcovering conveyed on three dimensional and textural grounds that are not only beautiful, but innovative and highly engineered. The wallcoverings are produced by utilizing a combination of cutting edge techniques like digital, conventional and 3-D printing, dyeing, coating, crushing, embossing, flock, laser and laminating.

Habitat Nonwoven

Los Angeles-based artist, Rachel Brown, imparted her tribal-inspired aesthetic onto an array of wallcoverings resulting in her collection, Kabila. The color palettes, landscapes and patterns discovered during her travels and her love of animals and nature, heavily inspire Rachel’s artwork. Her first wallcovering collection translates four existing abstract works into playful but edgy large-scale designs for today’s interiors.

Urban Nomad

The female artist's studio is enchanting and nuanced, encompassing a breadth of energy used to express creative intuition and distill what’s within. This collection recognizes the legacy of female artists who paved the way for future generations. The work of these women is brought to light in the form of painterly textiles.

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A collection of twenty-five stunning patterns crafted from curiosity, GeoTrybal conditions a certain craving for adventure—a craving to explore. Seeking textiles that would bring the spirit of the journey inside, we set off to experience the world on a deeper level, to connect, and ultimately, to find our tribe.

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In Partnership with   Rachel Brown