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General Care & Maintenance

Rugs see a lot of traffic. While they will inevitably wear with time and use, we offer these tips for care and maintenance that will help you protect the longevity and beauty of your rug.

  1. Immediately tend to spills by blotting with a clean sponge or cloth.
  2. Avoid tugging yarn knots out of the surface pile.
  3. If a strand is uneven, cut it to the length of the rug surface.
  4. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly. A suction vacuum is preferred. The setting on beater bars should be high enough to avoid damaging the rug.
  5. Remember that pile shedding is normal in heavy, quality rugs.
  6. Avoid adding your rug to damp spaces. Do not soak your rug.
  7. Turn your rug 180 degrees periodically to evenly distribute wear.
  8. Avoid placing your rug in areas where sunlight is continual and direct.
  9. Contact a professional cleaner for regular cleanings and in the event of a stain.
  10. Pair your rug with a quality rug pad. We offer rug pads in standard as well as custom sizes.